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The OFFICIAL David Labrava Facebook Group


Fans of the awesome David “Happy” Labrava will be pleased to know that David has his own official group, ran by personal friend of his Howard Levine. Fans will get upto date info on all DLs new projects and photos exclusive only to this group. This group is a must to join of any DL follower!

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Posted by BERDOO on June 8th, 2011

I have to say that David Labrava who is a great actor and plays “Happy” on the one and only history making FX TV show Sons of Anarchy is such a cool guy and has thousands of fans world wide that want to see him every season and with the new season 4 just around the corner Howard Levine and great personal friend of Happy’s is making sure all is running smooth and when you see the new SOA4 2011 you will be riveted to your seats!!!!

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