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Early Season 3 Spoilers

OK, it’s been a few months since the end of season 2. We had the holidays to distract us from our separation anxiety. And a lot of us have season 1 on dvd, which gets us through the empty voids of bikes, sex & violence. But the majority of us like to look to the future and so we wait like hungry dogs for any scrap of meaty info about the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy.

So what do we already know? We know that season three will be back in September and that Kurt Sutter is already back in the writing room. And that he has offered “Coco” a guest spot on the show, which would be surreal but awesome!

I’ve casually scraped my news reader and perused the usual spoilerish sites that would have some juicy morsels to share. I’m not claiming that I am the end all, be all source of SoA news, but here’s a lil sumpthin’ sumpthin’:

From EpisodeInfo:

In an interview conducted with NJ.com, [Kurt] Sutter said that in the 3rd season he wants “to take them into a world that is outside their own, where they don’t have any control, where they are subject to other people’s laws and beliefs and parameters, where they aren’t quite the big fish in the small pond.”

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Character Spoilers (Buddy TV):

Chief Unser: According to TV Guide, Unser will step down from his post next season, consequently leaving Hale as Deputy Chief. Series creator Kurt Sutter hints that Hale will be put on a tight spot on Sons of Anarchy season 3 and is forced to make tough decisions just as Unser did in the past.


“Unser came to understand… that you have to create relationships with these gangs and turn the other way sometimes and set parameters,” Sutter explained. “You can’t go by the letter of the law or you’re f—-d. Hale [will] have to learn those lessons and how much he’s willing to bend.”

Jax: Losing baby Abel will definitely affect Jax and his relationship with Tara on Sons of Anarchy Season 3. Series creator Kurt Sutter says he wants to “explore what happens to a couple when they’re faced with a tragedy like that….To be honest with you, I don’t know where it’s going to go. Does Tara blame herself? Does Tara blame Jax? Does Jax blame Tara? But that will be a very real dynamic in their relationship.”

Tara and Jax


From E! Online:
Kurt Sutter just headed back into the writers’ room and would only tell us this of season three: “I have a baby to find, and that’s all I know.” As for Gemma’s future as an outlaw, Katey Sagal doesn’t seem too worried. “I don’t think it will alter the family bond, but there are so many things that have to be addressed,” she explains. “Gemma obviously doesn’t know what’s happened to her grandson, and she’ll probably go insane when she finds out. I wouldn’t put anything past her. I’m sure she’ll take care of business.”


Source: Rippin Kitten