‘SOA’ scoop: Why Hunnam stopped talking to Perlman this season — EXCLUSIVE

When the Sons of Anarchy script called for Jax Teller to let out every last bit of hate he had for Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) this season, Charlie Hunnam didn’t just act it – he lived it. Off screen, Hunnam decided to avoid Perlman at all costs. If they were in the same vicinity, he’d ignore him like the plague.
The trouble is, he didn’t let Perlman in on his plan.
“I decided as difficult as it was going to be, I wasn’t going to talk with him, not even say good morning to him and not tell him why I was doing it,” Hunnam told EW exclusively. “I just hoped he would understand, to know that it was just about work and that it wasn’t anything personal.”
He didn’t talk about his motivation for giving his co-star the cold shoulder until he did press for Frankie Go Boom, an indie film he starred in with Perlman this year. Only then did Perlman learn what his younger co-star had been doing.


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