On Set of Sons of Anarchy

On The Sons of Anarchy Set
Second Season, Let the Mayhem Begin
Photos and text by Felicia Morgan

signoutfront Lathrop, CA~August 28, 2009 – In case there is anyone left out there in TV land who hasn’t heard of the Sons of Anarchy, the wildly popular night-time biker soap that airs on the FX channel, let me bring you up to speed. This series has caused quite a stir in the riding community. Supposedly based in California’s central valley (modeled on the real town of Lodi some speculate), our imaginary gunrunning bike club operates from the fictitious town of Charming, which is anything but…


Carved table From crooked cops that are controlled by the SOA club, to rival clubs, street gangs, and a psychotic menopausal matriarch of the club who runs rough shod over the entire town, the show is packed with drama and more than a few disturbing scenes. Think the Sopranos on bikes and you’ve got a damn close notion of what the show is about.

Tommy Tommy Flanagan, who plays Chibs. According to the Internet Movie Database, however, the plot of the show is, “A man in his 30s struggles to find balance in his life between being a new dad and his involvement in a motorcycle gang.” The wording itself in this blurb is a glaring example of how little the outside world knows the biker world. There is no such thing as a motorcycle “gang.” There are motorcycle clubs of various stripes and flavors, but no gangs. Period.

Some 5.2 million viewers caught each episode of the first season thereby garnering more than a few devotees, much to the surprise of the show’s execs, who weren’t expecting the series to even be noticed. Season one, now on sale in stores like Target and Wal-Mart on DVD and Blu-Ray, reportedly sold out in Lodi, Stockton, and other surrounding valley towns in less than 2 hours after it was recently released.

flanniganriding Rumors and insider showbiz leaks over the summer pointed to a new season geared up to freak out even the most hardcore fans. So, for many, the SOA season two premier on Tuesday, September 8, had been anxiously anticipated. And fans weren’t disappointed. With introduction of a new nemesis for the club and the brutalization of a key female character, the sophomore season’s first episode absolutely blew the proverbial riding boots right off our collective crowd. And we’re damn sure there’s more where that came from, as the next 10 new episodes spin out.

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