Meet Sons of Anarchy Cast

Charlie, Kim, Boone, Tommy, Ryan, Theo and Myself will be in Lathrop, CA on Sunday. Eagle’s Nest Harley has been gracious enough to give us promotional 2010 Dynas to ride for a year.

We’ll be signing autographs and hanging out with fans from 2-4 pm. Join us if you can. Hit their site and register to win a new 2010 Dyna.

Eagle’s Nest Harley
13900 Harlan Road
CA 209-941-0420

Source: Kurt Sutter

5 comments on “Meet Sons of Anarchy Cast
  1. Jessica says:

    HUGE fan base in Rhode Island!!!! Come down here and you’re guaranteed a great time!!

  2. Matt Hamm says:

    We need yous back. I was in the shower on this tusday night. And I was like what the hell sons of anarchy is on. Then I got out real fast and forgot last week was your last show.

  3. Li Owens says:

    YESS!!!! Come to the bay area!!! Come to either Vacaville’s Harley or Walnut Creek…Pittsburg as well!!! PLEASE?! I just moved from Concord to Fairfield, so any of those would work. 😛
    Would be a great thing to take my husband too, he introduced me to the show! Love it, great job Kurt!

  4. Jerry says:

    Huge fan of Opie and Happy love you guys.
    When is the next opportunity I might be able
    To meet the cast of Sons .

    Please reply thanks.

  5. Brittany Roberts says:

    Where can I meet cast ? Favorite show ever ….I live in NY when do u make appearences any where in the tri county area?

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