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Kurt Sutter Talks Outlaws, Loyalty, and Racial Stereotypes

What were the most difficult scenes to write for Katey, seeing her play out this Gemma character?
They’re not difficult because ultimately I know that the more complicated and dark they are, the deeper I take her, as fucked as they may be, Katey embraces that shit. As difficult as that scene in season two was where she’s getting raped, as difficult as the scene last season was with Clay beating her up, I know that emotionally she loves the challenge of all that stuff. Not to sound sadistic, but when I’m writing those scenes I get excited because I know what a great challenge it’s going to be for her.
Sometimes the most difficult Gemma scenes to write are the ones that are simple and pedestrian because she’s not a simple or pedestrian human being. The bigger scenes, the more emotionalized scenes for that character, are just easier to do.

In terms of the actual execution of those scenes and the production, what I usually do with Katey is, I’ll go and watch a rehearsal but then I won’t hang around. Me being there just is a layer of awareness for her. For the stuff we did in season two, I go for the rehearsal and make sure it’s being handled the right way. Then I split so the director and the actors can do what they do.

Photo Credit:  Chris Shonting

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