Hunnam Thought About Quitting Acting but SOA Came Along

CHARLIE Hunnam matches the menacing charm of his small-screen alter-ego.

As Season 2 is about to premiere in the UK.


The tough-talking Sons Of Anarchy star (and Kurt Cobain doppelganger) is not shy about labelling the film industry “awful”, admitting he was set to quit acting before the brilliant, if brutal, bikie series rode into town.

“[Film] is a total disaster right now. There’s no money in the independent world any more and only big studio films were being made, and that’s never what I’ve been interested in,” says the relocated Brit in a strange, hybrid accent – part John Lennon, part “Noo Yawk” hustler.

“I was frustrated and I was thinking about quitting acting. I scarcely found anything I was interested in and then, inevitably, [the ones I wanted] I would never get. I decided to take a couple of years off. I’d written a screen play – I needed some control over my life and wasn’t waiting by the phone every day – and then this came along.”

Despite its gritty sense of authenticity, Hunnam is quick to remind that the series – also starring Katey Segal (Married With Children) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) – is a dramatised account of life in a motorcycle club.

“I spent time and became friends with several guys who live this life for real,” he says.

“We do an admirable job of representing it pretty accurately, but it’s still made for TV.”

The second series of Sons pulls the throttle from this Thursday (8.30pm, Showcase).

Keep an eye out for punk icon Henry Rollins as the season progresses.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.

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