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Season 5 Episode Two “Authority Vested”

Sons of anarchy Season 5, Episode Two “Authority Vested”

By Stress Kitten

Am I the only person who questioned why Opie was sleeping fully clothed on top of the covers with a gun underneath his pillow? It makes you wonder what he was waiting for.
The boys’ suspicions of Nero and why Gemma brought them there to lay low are diminished quickly when Chibs finally hears from Tig. I never considered Tig the most stable member of the club in the first place but the way he describes what went down with Dawn and Pope and the smile on his face as he processes his pain was terrifying. A broken Tig could be the most dangerous version of Tig we ever get to see.
Little postscript to that. Who the hell did Tig impregnate at one point who thought it was a genius idea to name their daughters “Dawn” and “Fawn”? It immediately starts me making up dirty limericks in my head and no one wants that. It’s little details like this though that makes Sons so much more than other shows of the same genre.
So far I am loving Chibs in his role as Sergeant in Arms. Not only does the awesome Tommy Flanagan get more well- deserved screen time, but you start to see his and Bobby’s true value in the Club. Chibs is just as dangerous as Tig without the hair trigger.
The home invasions are amping things up for the Sons and although we the audience know it’s an inside job, you can see the panic building up in the group.

What can I say about Fawn except that I think when you are in a houseful of men having sex and screaming like you are being murdered, you have pretty much reached Skank Level-Expert

The whole scene with Jax and Nero is excellent. The honest conversation between two businessmen and fathers turning suddenly into a game of chicken was great fun to watch. Jax’s face during the whole scene is priceless and Nero saying “I’m probably trying to impress you” while barreling towards another truck was hilarious. I see a relationship developing between Jax and Nero beyond the “Gemma” connection.
Honestly the brothel wedding not only threw me off but didn’t make any sense. After how many years of being in love with each other, would you really decide to have a quickie wedding in a brothel? Without even changing your clothes first? I would never claim to be part of that world so I can’t say I know how things work, but I am a female and Tara wearing her skeevy tank top/jeans combo with a flower in her hair was just weird. Other than Chib’s touching prayer for them, I felt more overwhelmed during Opie and Lyla’s nuptials and she was dressed like a porn star during that. And Jax not telling Gemma? I know Gemma can be a bitch but one of her most consistent things is her adoration for her son. Him attempting to shut her out on his wedding day just makes him look bad.
I also thought it would have been funny to instead of having the “john judge” marry them, that it turned out Happy was an ordained minister and performed the ceremony. Of course, I am demented.
Opie punching out Roosevelt was surprising and instantly made him a hero in my eyes. Who the hell purposely goes to jail because his friends are going and they are unprotected?
We see the nomads dumping the safe while one of them looks over the papers from the safe stolen from Clay and Gemma’s house. Again you have to wonder what the hell is going on with that. This to me is why Son’s is one of the best shows I have ever watched. You have the main storyline going on, but then are giving tantalizing little glimpses into future storylines. It’s a brilliant maneuver for keeping you interested in a show starting its fifth season.
Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!!! Tune in every Tuesday night to FX for Sons of Anarchy!!

Best line in the episode is during Jax’s proposal to Tara
Tara: So much for romance.
Jax: I killed a Fed for you. Nothing says endless love like capital murder.