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Pig Trail Harley-Davidson

Meet Tommy Flanagan in Rogers, AR. (May 3rd, 2014)

Ride with “Chibs” to benefit the NWA Children’s Shelter and or Meet & Greet “Chibs” for dinner and a concert featuring 90lb Wrench. $25 per person to ride and $95 per person for VIP Meet, Greet, Dinner and Show.


Chiller Theatre Update!

Katey Sagal, David Labrava, Emilio Rivera & Kristen Renton will be  joining Tommy Flanagan, William Lucking, Christopher Reed & Frank Potter at the Chiller Theatre Event, April 25-27 in Parsippany, NJ. (2014)

Skärmavbild 2014-04-21 kl. 11.39.56


Friday + Saturday: William Lucking, Frank Potter, Christopher Reed & David Labrava

Saturday + Sunday: Katey Sagal

Friday – Sunday: Tommy Flanagan, Emilio Rivera & Kristen Renton

Get information about tickets HERE

Contact Chiller Theatre:



Calgary Expo


Mark Boone Junior

   Mark (”Bobby”) Boone Jr.


 Kim Coates

   Kim (”Tig”) Coates


  Drea de Matteo

      Drea (”Wendy”) De Matteo    


***Weekend and Saturday passes are currently sold out online.  Scroll down to see a list of retailers that may still have passes available.  There will be no onsite sales.*** – See more at: http://www.calgaryexpo.com/calgary-expo-tickets/#sthash.OPcp2m1U.dpuf


Meet Tommy ”Chibs” Flanagan in Johnson City (Tennessee)


Saturday June 14, 2014

Tommy Flanagan / Chibs
at Smith Brothers Harley-Davidson

Some packages are very limited

Ticket Packages:

Ride Pkg – $15 – Ride & Patch
General Pkg – $20 – 1 Personal Item signed
& Picture with Tommy
VIP Pkg – $100 – 11*17 Poster, Lanyard, Ride, Patch, 2 Personal Items signed
& Picture with Tommy
Presidential Pkg – $175 – Dinner, T-shirt, Lanyard,
11*17 Poster, Ride, Patch, 2 Personal Items signed
& Picture with Tommy

Via A.C.’s East Tennessee Promotion’s

Chiller Theatre 2014

Here is your chance to meet Tommy ”Chibs” Flanagan, William ”Piney” Lucking, Christopher ”Filthy Phil” Reed and Frank ”Miles Potter in Parsippany, NJ. Friday – Sunday, April 25-27 2014. William, Christopher & Frank will be there Friday and Saturday only.

Here is a list of everyone who’s attending: http://chillertheatre.com/gt/gtc4.htm



Deadline April 11th


Contact Chiller Theatre on:


Meet Tommy ”Chibs” Flanagan in Massachusetts

We are wicked excited to be hosting Tommy Flanagan at Boston Harley-Davidson next month! Meet Tommy, get your picture taken, get an autograph… Oh yeah and enjoy a live band, kick-ass Irish dinner and beverages! TICKETS ARE LIMITED, get yours today!

CALL TODAY to get your tickets… tickets are limited and going FAST!!! 617-389-8888

Via bostonharley.com

Visit Boston Harley-Davidson on Facebook HERE



Announcement by Reaper Convention

It is with a very sad heart that I’m here today to inform you that The Reaper Convention cannot go on and will have to be cancelled.

It pains me immensely to do so because those of you who have supported this dream so far deserved all the best from this experience but unfortunately there is nothing else that can be done.

When I started this project I was convinced we will be a big group of fans, and that we would have a great time together with the guests, but in the end it seems like we were just a bunch, very passionate and loyal that’s for sure, but a convention can’t be sustained by a bit more than one hundred people only.

It’s impossible to cover all costs and expenses necessary for it despite the good will and money I’ve personally offered as the organizer of this event.

I’ve already contacted the people who hold a pass and I want to reassure you that you will be refunded in the next days, because I know you will be disappointed enough as it is, and I want you to know that despite everything your money with me has always been safe and I’m the one who will take the blame for this failure and pay for it. This is what being a professional means, this is what a fan caring for other fans does when everything else cannot work out.

I’ve hoped until the very last moment that there could be a chance to make the Reaper Convention happen maybe in a smaller way or with some arrangements. I tried so hard to find a compromise to see that those of you wanting to be there could have it, but there has been no way to find solutions that could please other parts involved. And in the end this has been the only possible disheartening choice.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout these months, and I’m deeply grateful for your trust, your friendship and your warmth. Having the possibility to know you it’s been a pleasure and it will always remain a good memory despite everything else.


Your organizer.


ps: considering the big amount of things that I have to do these days, I ask all of you a little bit of patience and collaboration. I won’t answer on social networks because I won’t have time to do it, but if you have any further questions you can always contact me by mail: reapercon@triskellevents.org.

Via Reaper Convention

Meet Mark Boone ”Bobby”


Here’s your chance to meet Mark Boone ”Bobby” in Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, February 8th 2014.

These very exclusive VIP Meet & Greets will be very LIMITED & only available to 40 people per show. The total cost per person is only $100 and includes the following:

  • Light Snacks & Beverages With Mark Boone “Bobby” (Beverages Include Soda & Water)
  • Official 2014 Mark Boone “Bobby” Easyriders Bike Show Tour Signed 11×17 Poster
  • Two Items Of Your Choice You Can Bring & Have Mark Boone “Bobby” Sign
  • A Picture Of Yourself & Mark Boone “Bobby” Taken By A Camera Of Your Choosing
  • Your Admission Ticket To The 2014 Easyriders Bike Show

To purchase your ticket:

Via Easyriders Events

Reaper Convention; Happy Hour, Meet & Greet, Photo Ops & Packages For Passes


Photo Credit Federica Ranocchi

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is another special activity of the Reaper Convention. It will give you the opportunity to spend some time having a drink and some appetizer in the same room with the all the actors, both Saturday and Sunday (presumably on Saturday night at the end of the activity and Sunday just before lunchtime).

There are 100 Happy Hour passes available, divided into two days (50 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday), 9 of which are already assigned to the First 9 passes that include one reserved place for every special activity (They kindly ask to the First 9 pass owners to contact Reaper Convention and let them know if you prefer to be included in the list on Saturday or Sunday).

The owners of Original Pass, Prospect Pass and Daily pass can make a reservation for the Happy Hour.

The contribution required to participate in this activity is € 65.00

To book the Happy Hour, as usual, you have to send an email to:


with your name, number of pass and method of payment.

Meet & Greet

If you have a pass number you can book a meet & greet by sending an email to:

reapercon@triskellevents.org with the subject: Meet&Greet + guest’s name.

In the body of the email you have to list:

  • Name and surname
  • Number of your pass
  • Method of payment.

As always, they will send you a reply with all the information so you can send us your contribution (within 3 working days). Please let us know immediately after you have sent the contribution (name and references of the operation), so that they can verify it.

 Meet & Greet 

Kim Coates – contribution € 85,00

Theo Rossi – contribution € 85,00

Tommy Flanagan – contribution € 85,00

Mark Boone Jr. – contribution € 85,00


Packages for Original Pass, Prospect Pass and Daily Pass

Given the requests the Reaper Convention received for another round First9 pass, they decided to avoid the issue by offering packages similar to First9 pass, only that related to the other types of pass.

They have created complete packages which give you the chance to book several activities, saving some money. Be aware that M&G are very limited, so once they will be over, we’ll close the bookings for these packages.

Who can apply for these packages: everyone. Whether those who already have booked a pass or those who want to book now.

Anyone who already owns a pass (and maybe they also already have photo op or M & G) would have to send only the difference for updating their position (please don’t consider the photop and the M&G given to you for free). If you have any doubt, contact them and they will see your situation.

Original package pass includes:

  • 1 Original Pass ( Q & A sessions + 4 autographs included)
  • 4 single photo op
  • 1 Meet & Greet of your choice

Contribution requested € 420.00

Prospect pass package includes:

  • 1 Prospect Pass ( Q & A sessions + 4 autographs included)
  • 4 single photo op
  • 1 Meet & Greet of your choice

Contribution requested € 370.00

Daily pass package includes:

  • 1 Daily pass ( Q & A sessions + 4 autographs included)
  • 4 single photo op
  • 1 Meet & Greet of your choice

Contribution requested € 290.00

To book these packages, please follow the usual rules.


Photo op

If you have a pass number, to request a photo op you just need to send an email to:

reapercon@triskellevents.org with the subject: Photo op + guest’s name.

In the body of the email you have to list:

  • Name and surname
  • Number of your pass
  • How many Photo op you require
  • Method of payment.

They will send you a reply with all the information so you can send your contributions (within 3 working days). Please let them know immediately after you have sent the contribution (name and references of the operation), so that they can verify it.


Single Photo op

Kim Coates – contribution € 38,00

Theo Rossi – contribution € 38,00

Tommy Flanagan – contribution € 38,00

Mark Boone Jr. – contribution € 38,00


Double Photo op

Kim + Theo – contribution € 72,00

Kim + Tommy – contribution € 72,00

Theo + Tommy – contribution € 72,00

Kim + Mark - contribution € 72,00

Theo + Mark - contribution € 72,00

Tommy + Mark - contribution € 72,00

Group Photo op:

Kim + Theo + Tommy + Mark – Contribution € 150,00

Contact Reaper Convention (Click on the icon):


facebook-icon fab3c6d4cc5a9d3ef5cfec9e4edca683_bigger

Reaper Convention 2014

The First 9 Passes are sold out. All the other passes are available.

Original Pass – Valid for 2 days (€ 250,00):


Prospect Pass – Valid for 2 days (€ 200,00):


Daily Pass – Valid for 1 day; Saturday OR Sunday (€ 115,00):

Saturday pass_200px Sunday pass_200px

Guest Pass – Valid for 1 day (€ 60,00):

Theo passMark passKim passTommy pass

Nomad Pass – Valid for 1 day (€ 55,00):

nomad pass

In our previous post about Reaper Convention you can find what is included in each pass:


How to book your pass:

1) Send an email to reapercon@triskellevents.org

(Passes must be booked obligatorily through email and you can’t request to book one pass during the event. Each person is allowed have one pass only under his/her name.)

Subject of the email: Pass request + type of pass required

In the body of the email:

  • Name and Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email – please, indicate a valid email address that you regularly check.
  • Phone number
  • Method of payment (wire transfer, Papyal limited)

2) Upon receipt of your request, they will send you an e-mail with all the necessary info to proceed.

3) Contributions shall be sent within 3 working days after you receive a confirming email.

4) Please let them know immediately after you have sent the contribution (name and references of the operation), so that they can verify it.

5) Upon receipt of your contribution, they will send by e-mail the invitation to the event with the pass number reserved for you. You need to print it and bring it with you at the convention along with an I.D. document for registration process. The actual pass badge will be consigned at the registration desk.

6) Passes are nominal and not refundable. It may be transferred to someone else if you are not able to participate, but only after due warning and our acceptance, at least 6 weeks prior the event.

Click HERE to find out more how to transfer your pass to someone else on Reaper Convention‘s website (scoll to the bottom).

Book a room at the congress center Hotel Parchi del Garda. They have special rates for participants; http://www.triskellevents.org/ReaperCon/en/where-and-when/

How to contact Reaper Convention:

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