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Bullied For Her Weight – This Dad Has News For The Entire School About His Daughter

This girl, like many others, is facing being bullied at school. When her Dad, Khari, hears about it, he has the perfect solution to fight back with these bullies in a way that leaves them powerless. Using his talent he. READ MORE

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Dad Takes Daughter To Café, Then Stranger Puts A Note Facedown On The Table About His Parenting

“When I returned to our table, there was a note, left face-down, in front of my seat. My daughter told me that a woman, before leaving the coffee shop, had asked her if I was her father and said that the message was for me.” READ MORE

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Girl Is Nearly ‘Sliced In Half,’ Then Mom Realizes She’s Been Making A Big Mistake In The Car.

Samantha’s mom is bravely sharing her story so other parents never make this mistake again. READ MORE

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