Alyssa Meets Kim & Theo

Well I have been waiting several days before I decided to write about meeting my two favorite characters in Sons of Anarchy for a reason, and that is that it has taken me this long to realize that it really did happen and that I was not just dreaming!
I found out back in October that Kim and Theo were coming to Fort Wayne Indiana. I saw this on Theo’s twitter feed.


I sent mom the website and we started planning from there. We had decided that it would be a bit too much to drive 8 hours in one day, so we planned out the hotel for the night before, only about 10 minutes away. When we took our drive it was about 4 hours out there after work. Through the whole drive it still had not kicked in that I was going to go and meet my favorite Sons character.

Once we got to the convention, the lines were all over to get into the bike show. When we finally managed to get in there, we looked around for a few minutes and then decided to jump into the line and wait for Kim and Theo to come out and start signing autographs. The people that we were waiting in line with were awesome. They had a lot of different things that they had already had signed by Charlie Hunnam. They had everything from a motorcycle helmet to some cool photos. As we were talking we heard and saw Kim and Theo coming out to sign autographs. We were pretty far back but we could still see them. Kim was even more handsome in person.

All of us stood together for about 2 hours. As it was time for my mom and I to go up, I walked up to Kim. He said Hey beautiful how are you? He shook my hand and gave me a hug. He moved to give my mom a hug. She introduced herself and said “I’m just mom.”  Theo walked up to me and hugged me as I was standing there. He said hi to me and thanked me for watching the show. Kim and Theo both leaned down to sign the poster and picture that I brought. Kim asked me if I had gotten my hoodie at the convention. I told him that I have had it for a while and he leaned in to hear me and I looked right into his beautiful, and I mean beautiful, blue eyes!

I had lots that I wanted to say, but to be honest I froze and could not say a word. It was at this point that Theo put his arm around me and I wrapped my arm around Kim as people were starting to take pictures. I held onto both of them and they both smelled great! I know that it weird but whatever.

As I was standing there and my mom was taking pictures and they had their house photographer taking picture, Kim said “Alright now smile at momma”, but as you can see that was him looking and smiling at mom! 🙂

As I was walking away they both smiled and they asked me to keep watching. I told them that I would and I walked away as my heart fluttered away into a faraway land! It was like I was walking on a cloud after I met them and I could not stop shaking! 8 Hours in the car over the course of 24 hours and I do not regret a minute of it. I have had a love for Kim since the start of the first season and having the chance to meet him meant the world to me, I will never forget the day that I met Kim and Theo! 🙂


Story & Photos property of Alyssa.


Thanks Alysaa!