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The Women Of Samcro

There is no shortage of women who associate with SOA. Like bees to honey, ladies flock to the club. Generally, these are the type of women who love bad boys and macho men. But they are also women who, by choosing to be a part of the SOA world, choose all the good and bad that comes with club living. For many women, it’s pure excitement – loud and fast bikes, tough men, and all the accoutrement that comes with a good party. But, despite the fact

that they’re not members themselves, their dedication to the club is just as greatly demanded and expected. Once you’re involved with the club it’s not a lifestyle, but, rather, a way of life.

The women involved with SOA fall under a few categories. But regardless of which a woman belongs, one thing remains constant – know your place.

A woman will be one of the following:

Old Lady

Wife or steady girlfriend of a club member. She’s monogamous and has the respect of the other women. There is usually one Queen. The main old lady. For Sam Crow, that queen is Gemma Teller.


One of the names for a girl or woman available to club members for companionship, partying and sex.


A more affectionate name for a “mama”.


Women in Charming who love the bad boys and bikes of Samcro. Samcro groupies. (This title is exclusive to SAMCRO alone.)

For Mamas, Sweetbutts, and Crow-Eaters, that place is simple. Mind your own business; keep the guys happy and satisfied, and the parties raging. In return, these women earn the street juice, respect and safety of being associated with outlaws

For Old Ladies, there is much greater responsibility involved. Many believe that the better the old lady, the better the member. In that sense, old ladies are the heart of the club family. Because of this there are several duties and rules of decorum SOA old ladies must follow. But two remain important above all else…

1. Once you become a member’s old lady, or if your man patches-in, you’re not only taking on him, but the entire club. In short, your family just got a lot bigger. You now have a permanent open door, which means any brother or sister is welcome at anytime for any reason. And always be a good hostess, be it at your home, the home of a sister, or the clubhouse.

2. Most importantly, do not be nosy. Club business is club business and not yours. Expect that you are always on a need-to-know basis. And, what you do know, you don’t. And anything pertaining to the club is never to be repeated under any circumstances.

It’s an honor to be an SOA old lady. And this honor is marked by the privilege of receiving a tattoo. For Sam Crow that tattoo is a Crow with a heart on it. Gemma and Wendy all have the same tattoo as well as Tara who still wears hers to remind her of the past. The club is your family and will protect and cherish you as a family.