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Hippie Teen Chops Off Signature Locks For A Drastic New Look Before High School Begins Jamiee realized he didn't need to have long hair to "stand out" amongst his peers. By the end of his transformation, he's unrecognizable! http://littlethings.com/hippie-teen-haircut/?utm_source=hunnam&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=transformation Share

Jamiee realized he didn’t need to have long hair to “stand out” amongst his peers. By the end of his transformation, he’s unrecognizable! READ MORE



Woman Takes On Risky ‘Chandelier’ Cover, Then Waits Breathlessly For Simon’s Critique Saara Aalto knows 15 different languages and claims that she lives near Santa Claus. But when this Finnish woman sings, she leaves the judges astounded. READ MORE


Steve Harvey Loses It When Contestant Answers Where He’d Stick A Thermometer Can we all agree this ‘Family Feud’ contestant is way off base about where you should stick a thermometer to take your temperature? READ MORE


Teen Sisters Are Listed ‘Missing’ After Parents’ Divorce, But Hide In Plain Sight For 2 Years During their parents’ bitter divorce, Samantha and Gianna vanished from their home. After two years of being listed as missing persons, police finally tracked them down at a treatment facility located on a ranch… a three-hour drive away from their home. That’s when the bizarre truth about the sisters’ whereabouts began to surface. http://littlethings.com/sisters-go-missing/?utm_source=hunnam&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=shocking


‘World’s Heaviest Man’ Hasn’t Left His Bed In 6 Years, Then One Day He Finally Stands Up Juan Pedro weighed in at 200 pounds by the age of 17. At age 32, he was a full 1,100 pounds and suffered from multiple health problems. Unable to leave his bed for 6 years, he was in need of some hope and some help. READ MORE


Mom Gives Birth To Healthy Twins, Then Suddenly She’s On The Brink Of Death Erin delivered two beautiful twin babies. Things were going well until doctors told her husband, Reece, she was rapidly bleeding. The mortified father was forced to wonder how he would tell his kids that Mommy wasn’t coming back, then there was more bad news. READ MORE


Judge Reveals Her Husband Is Not 12-Year-Old’s Biological Dad — But That She’s Also Not The Mom Yulia’s ex-husband said he’d only pay child support if she could prove their 12-year-old daughter was actually his. The judge ordered full DNA tests, after which Yulia received the biggest shock of her life. READ MORE


How To Make Store-Bought Pie Crust Taste Homemade This simple hack will completely transform how you make pie this Thanksgiving. READ MORE 


Man Falls To The Ground After Getting Every Single Top Answer On ‘Family Feud’ This man literally threw himself on the ground when Steve Harvey told him the 186 points he scored during “Fast Money” were the top answers! READ MORE


Nighttime Janitor Stuns Entire School When He Starts Secretly Leaving Drawings On The Carpets This school janitor must know kids love surprises. He’s started leaving new designs for the kids to look forward to every morning READ MORE


Mom Just Gave Birth To Her Baby, Then She Looks In Between Newborn’s Legs To See The Gender Kim believed she had it all figured out for 9 months, until she looked at her newborn during a natural birth and was left in total shock. READ MORE