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Maison De Morgana

20120922-095404 PM.jpg

Please show some love & support and join the very talented Jewelry designer Morgana McNelis. Maison de Morgana is the brainchild of Los Angeles jewelry designer and metalsmith Morgana McNelis. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic variety of sources. From the neo-gothic, macabre aesthetic of Coppola’s Dracula to the avant-garde couture of Riccardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen Maison de Morgana’sinfluences are reflected in this stunningly original debut collection. You will also have seen the famous BULLET PENDANT worn by Charlie “Jax” Hunnam. All her jewelry is handcrafted to the highest quality in downtown Los Angeles. You won’t be disappointed.
Please click HERE to join Morgana.

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